Queensland Cyclone

 Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dear Customers,

Please be aware our main office maybe in the middle of a major cyclone event today. Your files and Websites are safe they are not hosted in Queensland and their safe storage is decentralised. If you are wanting backups there may be a delay due to the events and increased demand for the supply of backups. However, we will try to supply within our normal 48hr window.

We will stay available as long as safely possible. Once it is safe we will be fully functioning again. We do have solar, generators and battery backup if the power goes out however this does not mean we will be instantly available as normal. 

Please use our call centre number 1300 632 932 (MEB WEB) rather than calling/texting staff and myself direct.

Thank you and we hope all our Queenslanders will be safe and sound.

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