Redis is a very advance caching system for Magento.  Mebsites has pre-installed and configured Redish into all its Magento performance based servers with cPanel.  It does require a little configuration to activate and we have a basic outline of this config below.

1. Install this module git://
2. Edit app/etc/local.xml to configure

Based on this article we have turned off cache disk :

HTML Code:
        <use_redisent>0</use_redisent>  <!-- 0 for phpredis, 1 for redisent -->
        <automatic_cleaning_factor>20000</automatic_cleaning_factor> <!-- optional, 20000 is the default, 0 disables auto clean -->
To check if everything works fine you can use redis-cli :

flexishore@virtualbox:~$ redis-cli
redis 120.0.01:6379> select database
redis> keys *
   1) "zc:d:97a_REC_0000000510"
   2) "zc:d:97a_REC_0000000511"
   3) "zc:d:97a_REC_0000001240"
   4) "zc:d:97a_REC_0000000512"
As you can see, there are a lot of cache indexes in Redis database.

Source code : link
Benchmark class : benchmark.php

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