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Trouble shooting tips

Trouble Shooting tips

1) When in doubt restart your phone.  We find after multiple attempts apples and Samsung Devices can store the incorrect information in cache, which can cause your setup to fail.  Try just a simple restart or off and then on again.  This is often enough to get you back on track again.

2) It is not always nesseccary to restart your email configuration each time.  You can enter it through your settings.  Make adjustments then try.

3) There is a help tab within webmail account

4) Passwords are case senstive

5) If you are sure you have the settings correct contact support via ticket or email and have them check your account

6) Yes to many failed attempts will have you locked out of your account.  Contact support to have them reset your account

7) Ensure you can login into Zimbra webmail ( ) before you attempt to setup your outlook or other device.

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